History of  Stormore Baptist Church



In 1826 worship service began in a house at Stormore to cater for the needs of people living in the Stormore area, especially "the very young, and the aged and infirm" who found it difficult to walk to the Westbury Leigh Baptist Church for the services which were morning , evening and as well as afternoon Sunday bible school. .


In 1828 the meetings moved to a loft over a carpenter's shop belonging to a local lay preacher and carpenter, Mr. Samuel Scott. In 1839 a little chapel was built, which became known as "Scott's Meeting". This old building was replaced by the present Stormore Chapel in 1884. It is now the home of the combined fellowship with services each Sunday morning.

Baptism of  believers by immersion as a witness to their faith in Jesus as Saviour and Lord, has of course always been an important part of Baptist church life. Baptisms used to take place in the open air, in the stream at Black Dog Woods, near to the chapel at Stormore. After prayer in the Stormore chapel, the new believers with their friends would walk in procession down to the stream to be baptised. Today this site is part of a private garden.

Stormore held evening Sunday Services services for many years throughout the 20th century. It also held a Sunday Morning children's group. In the 1990 a morning service began incorporating the children's work. In the 2010's the decision was made to only open the church once a month and to focus all the effort on the sister church at Westbury Leigh. Eventually, however this church was sold and all witness at Westbury Leigh ceased. In 2016 the fellowship relocated to Stormore Baptist Church and this remains the centre of worship for the fellowship. 

dated 22/02/2020